Remediation of contaminated sites

The remediation of contaminated sites is a set of methods and measures to eliminate the negative impact of human activity on the ecosystem components, in particular groundwater, surface water and the rock environment.

A specific chapters are so called old environmental burdens (loads/damages). For old environmental burden is considered a serious contamination that occurred thanks improper handling of hazardous substances in the past and whose originator does not exist or is not known.

The issue of contaminated sites falls to the competence of the Ministry of Environment (MoE), which prepares the appropriate methodologies for their solution, as well as is a database administrator of Registration system of contaminated sites.

Contaminated sites may be varied - a landfill, industrial and agricultural areas, small retail outlets, unsecured warehouses of hazardous substances, a former military base, the area affected by mining or abandoned and closed mining waste depository posing serious risks.

The remediation usually follows a previous work stage, particularly the contamination survey and risk analysis that suggests the appropriate remediation design and remediation goals.

The company EUROGAS Inc. provides comprehensive services in the remediation work, ie. from the project phase through the actual realization to evaluation work. Based on the type and level of contamination, geological and hydrogeological conditions, specialists propose a suitable remediation method or combination of methods. The selection of the suitable remediation method is carried out with respect to legislative requirements, relevant guidelines and to available expertise. Guarantee of its correctness are employees with many years of experience in remediation issue and the relevant certificates of their professional competence.