Mining activities and activities done by mining methods

Mining activities and related works are the core program of the company since its founding. It was mainly the issue of mine gases, particularly their monitoring and potential uses, further the remediation of dumps, monitoring, closing and securing of old mine works etc. Currently, the company is mainly engaged in securing of old mine works.

The company EUROGAS Inc. has appropriate permissions and licenses to these kinds of mining activities:

  • ensuring the stability of underground space,
  • accessibility of caves and works to keep them in a safe condition,
  • earthworks carried out using machines and explosives,
  • drilling boreholes with a length of over 30 m,
  • works on access to old mine works and works to keep them in a safe conditions,
  • underground work of excavation pits and wells, tunneling, as well as the excavation of underground space of more than 300 m3 of rock,
  • mining of the non-reserved minerals, including treatment and refining of minerals in connection with the mining, prospecting and exploration of non-reserved minerals deposits.