Environmental services

EIA – environment impact assessment

Announcement, documentation and EIA reports are used to evaluate the effects of various investment projects on the components of the environment according to the Act
No.100 / 2001 Coll. as amended. Documents are processed for land-use planning, investment plans or important concepts.

IPPC and the primary report

Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) is one of the instruments for the minimalization of the pollution effects on the environment in the EU. The aim of the IPPC is to prevent pollution, possibly limiting its production, by selecting appropriate manufacturing processes and technologies.

We offer the complete processing of the IPPC application according to the Act
No. 76/2002 Coll. as amended, participation in negotiations with the authorities, individual consultations, monitoring.

If hazardous substances, that can cause contamination of soil and groundwater at the facility site, are used, produced or discharged from the facility, the facility operator must ensure processing of the primary report and submit the report to the authority for approval as part of the integrated permit application. Requirements for the primary report are defined by the Annex No. 2 of Decree No. 288/2013 Coll.

The primary report can be processed only by persons qualified according to the Act
No. 62/1988 Coll. on geological work. Professional competence must correspond to the nature of the document - ie. hydrogeology, remediation geology and / or environmental geology, while just one of those certificates is sufficient.