Geological, hydrogeological activities and Water Management

Investigation, project and realization activities, whose purpose is to verify geological and hydrogeological conditions of the area (locality), recommendations of appropriate measures within the projected plans, their expert design and realization. At the same time, it is a set of measures for their smooth operation.

Within this set of activities, we mainly offer:

  • determination of the geological structure and hydrogeological conditions for foundation,
  • finding potential locations of groundwater resources,
  • construction of exploratory wells and/or ditches for the verification of potential sources of drinking or usable water,
  • designing of the project documentation and realization of water management activities: exploited water wells and/or ditches, drainage systems, infiltration components for water infiltration into the rock environment, water supply, sewerage, small ponds and reservoirs, etc.,
  • The design of water (drinking and waste water) treatment technology, incl. realization,
  • Passport of waterworks - existing boreholes, wells, reservoirs, drainage, water supply, sewerage,
  • expert evaluation of geological, geotechnical, geochemical and hydrogeological conditions, the statement of the authorized hydrogeologist and / or other specialized authorized statements,
  • specialized expertizes,
  • geotechnical, geological, geochemical and hydrological monitoring,
  • engineering for obtaining relevant permits and approvals,
  • maintenance of water works (inspection, cleaning, repairing, reconstruction),
  • flood protection plans, protection of water resources, use of rainwater,
  • advisory and consulting services.